Save Your Lungs From The Forest Fires & Smoke
                                                                         Sept 1, 2015                            from Biotics Research newsletter

   As a California native, it filled me with an odd combination of familiarity and concern over the elevated levels of ash currently blanketing Washington. Southern California, where I come from, is basically a desert.  Consequently, fires are a common occurrence there. The tell-tale sign of elevated ash levels in the air is the almost sunset-like sky that persists throughout the day. You can imagine my surprise when I stepped outside and was greeted by an old friend, the same orange sky from my youth. 
   The purpose of this newsletter is to help you understand the dangers, and what you can do to prevent lung damage from elevated levels of ash in the air.
    The severity of the blaze, and your proximity to it, will determine what you should do. Let's avoid the scenario where you are within a few miles of the blaze, as you should be evacuating and making sure your home is insured for wildfires.  For everyone else, here are a couple of quick tips that can go a long way in protecting your lungs.

 1. Avoid outdoor activities.
 2. Keep all windows and doors shut.
 3. Set the AC to "recirculate" to prevent ash exposure.
 4. If needed, place a wet towel over any gaping doors or window seams.

   Approximately 90% of burnt materials are small enough to enter the body through the respiratory system; this includes, but is not limited to, benzene, toluene, styrene, aldehydes, acid gases, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and metal and dioxins.  To help purge ourselves of these irritants, I have included a few products to help us through the next few weeks and keep us prepared for the future.  If you click on the product name, it will take you to a PDF file that contains the product ingredients and an explanation of the product benefits.

Pneuma-Zyme:This excellent respiratory aid includes multiple nutrients needed to keep our lungs healthy and also includes neonatal lung tissue for added protection. I recommend taking (1-2) tablets each day, and continue dosage for two weeks after the ash exposure has cleared.

Porphyra-Zyme:Recommended for those who have been exposed to higher levels of ash, this product will work as a natural chelating agent. Take (1) capsule, three times each day. As it binds to excess metals in your body, you will need a mild detox support such as
Beta-TCP (take three tablets, three times each day to safely and effectively remove excess toxins).

Optic-Plus:Wood burning smoke can be particularly dangerous for epithelial tissue and your eyes are no exception to this. To help reduce irritation and prevent long term effects on your eyes, consider adding Optic-Plus at (2) capsules per day during exposure, and continued for a couple weeks after prolonged ash exposure.

In closing, stay safe out there and please keep the firefighters that are battling this blaze around the clock in your thoughts and prayers. 

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